Meet Melissa

My name is Melissa Landon, and I am a DONA trained birth doula in the process of certifying. I am a wife and a mother to an amazing toddler. I am passionate about birth and it is my mission to help each family I work with have a positive birth experience that they will cherish the rest of their lives.

A bit about my background. I grew up in the central valley and attended University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA earning a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. After college I worked in medical marketing, for a few years.

When I became pregnant with my son I was overjoyed. I dove headfirst into all things pregnancy, birth and baby. Having always had a fascination with pregnancy, I was thrilled to be immersed in the birth world. My research lead me to develop the beginnings of my deep held beliefs in the power of women and the true miracle of birth.

As I researched I realized that having a baby does not mean you have to feel like you are on an assembly line. As a patient you have choices and as a mother it is your right and responsibility to educate yourself and create the very best start for your baby. I made educated decisions about my own upcoming delivery, one of which was hiring a birth doula to assist my husband and I. Having a doula present for our son's birth was one of the very best decisions we made. She was a constant, calm source of support. She anticipated our needs, ran errands, helped me labor in a variety of positions, and supported my husband's efforts. She helped him help me. She also captured images of the first minutes after my son entered the world and they are pictures I will always cherish.

I assumed that after I delivered my fascination with birth would fade, but it hasn't. Experiencing the miracle of childbirth first-hand has given me an unshakeable belief in the abilities of women. I believe that each woman has the right to birth her children in the way in which she chooses. And that a laboring mother needs to be surrounded and supported by people who believe in her. My work as a doula is a true passion for me, and I am continuing to learn, grow, and gain experiences by assisting families.

I believe that every birth is different, every mother is unique. I believe it is my job as a doula to assist the mother in any way she needs. Whether that means I hold a safe and supportive place, am helping her work to manage her pain, or acting as a person to help the mother advocate for herself – whatever kind of support she needs that is what I provide.

I truly feel honored each time I am invited to the birth of a child. I realize that you are sharing an experience that will be among the most important of your life. My goal and purpose to to help enhance your birth experience, so that your memory – your miracle is powerful and joyful.